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  • Pregnancy Safe
  • Not Available at Yallingup Spa
Fusing high-performance botanical formulations with proven holistic facial techniques, BODHI’s natural and luxurious facials boost skin health and radiance, whilst allowing deeper connection to self. Read More

This nurturing and hydrating Sodashi facial deeply nourishes and revitalises skin on a cellular level, for skin health and radiance. With aromatic facial compresses and extended facial massage, it is tailored to your skin’s needs to hydrate, firm, revitalise and renew. Suitable for all skin types.

Suitable for all skin types.

Customised to your skin’s exact needs, this illuminating and firming facial employs the finest skin-beautifying formulations packed with brightening vitamins, protective antioxidants and nourishing fatty acids. A luxurious lymphatic drainage facial massage restores clarity, reduces inflammation and boosts collagen production. So much more than a facial, it promotes complete relaxation as well as skin health and vitality. Suitable for all skin types.

The skin-perfector. A high-performance facial to gently erase surface skin layers, for visibly brighter and smoother skin. Using water to mechanically exfoliate and purify, it invigorates collagen and elastin production. The perfect remedy for congestion, acne scarring and pigmentation. 

Reclaim youthful elasticity and a luminous skin tone with this luxury facial. Customised to your exact skin’s needs, it activates the skin’s own natural renewal cycle. A thermal mask infuses antioxidant-rich formulations into the deeper layers of the skin; the result is healing nourishment that plumps, firms, smooths and protects.

Anti-ageing, facial sculpting and deeply relaxing, this unique facial accelerates healthy skin function. Delivering instant results, it activates the skin energetically to boost cellular regeneration. After just one treatment, skin appears vibrant, clear and youthful, more hydrated and plumped, as fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation are noticeably reduced. Suitable for all skin types.

Turn back the hands of time with this intensely nourishing and hydrating luxury facial to diminish fine lines, reduce pigmentation, refine pores and restore a youthful glow. A Rose Quartz Crystal facial melts away tension and reawakens skin natural healing energies, whilst a thermal mask infuses layers Samadara formulations to leave skin clear, luminous, more lifted and firmed.