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Introducing The BODHI Founder’s Facial, the results are extraordinary

So what’s your go-to facial when you own a luxury spa group?  BODHI Founder Tania Taylor knows a thing or two about luxury facials. She’s experienced some of the most decadent facials at opulent spas around the globe, and has run her own luxury spa business for over sixteen years. “My go-to facial is the…

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Rachel Holm from Hanako Therapies shares her ‘I am love’ ritual

Trained in Energetic Healing, Kundalini Yoga and Aromatherapy, Hanako Therapies Founder Rachel Holm set out to create sacred botanical blends for all different states of being to help uplift, inspire, support and balance those in need. A return to nature, which makes you return to yourself.

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In need of a massage? Discover the perfect BODHI massage for you

A tonic to our modern pace of living, professional massage therapy is essential to melt away tension and fatigue. BODHI’s luxury massages do just that, all whilst providing a blissful, sensory journey. Best for detoxification and immunity boost. LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE MASSAGE (90 MIN) In this gorgeous massage, light, rhythmic, circular strokes are used to boost…

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Qi facials explained by Kathy Pedersen, Founder of Qi beauty

We talked to Kathy Pedersen, Founder of Qi beauty to understand the magic of a Qi Facial, to deliver not only incredible benefits for the skin but for the whole being. What is the best thing about a Qi Facial? The best thing about the facial seems to come down to what the person needs…

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Talking wellness with Kate Dalton, Naturopath and Founder of MAYDE Tea

We spoke to Kate Dalton, Naturopath, Nutritionist and Founder of Byron Bay’s MAYDE Tea. Kate is passionate about empowering people, with education and support, to improve quality of life an overall wellbeing. She explains why MAYDE Teas are formulated using only organic herbs, and what blends to drink for a good nights sleep. What are your…

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How to RESET your Wellbeing in 2023

We spoke with BODHI Spa Trainer and expert therapist, Asha King, about what we can do to RESET our wellbeing, as we embrace the New Year – holistically and naturally of course! Why consider a Wellbeing Reset? If you’re feeling fatigued or sluggish, experiencing brain fog, having digestive issues or seeing increased skin issues/breakouts or…

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BODHI Yallingup WINS Best New Spa Australia 2022

We are so delighted to share that our beautiful new wellness destination BODHI Yallingup won BEST NEW SPA AUSTRALIA 2022 at the inaugural Spa + Wellness Awards in Brisbane last weekend. The Spa & Wellness Awards have been designed to recognise and celebrate the committed providers in the spa, wellness, beauty and travel industries. Quality, sustainability, innovation,…

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Meet the design team behind BODHI Yallingup, our most luxurious wellness destination yet

We spoke to Lily Goodwin and Josh Cain, Principals at Pattern Studio, the interior design agency behind BODHI Yallingup, our most luxurious and considered wellness destination yet, opening late September 2022. “BODHI Yallingup is elegant yet understated, contemporary yet timeless, harmonious yet never bland.” – Lily Goodwin, Pattern Studio 1. What excited you about the BODHI…

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We have moved! Discover our beautiful new wellness destination, BODHI Yallingup

After five beautiful years at Injidup, BODHI has a brand new water-front home in the tranquil surrounds of Lake Gunyulgup. Whilst we were sad to leave Injidup Spa Retreat, all good things must come to an end, and we are beyond excited to  have our very own beautiful five-star retreat down south in which to…

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All About Reiki

We asked Robyn McCullough, BODHI’s resident Reiki Master, all about Reiki and it’s benefits, and why you should add it to your next BODHI treatment.   What is Reiki and how does it work? Reiki is an ancient form of energy healing, and the word Reiki is the Japanese name for “Universal Life Force Energy”…

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