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Discover our luxurious range of holistic spa therapies to nurture mind, body and soul.

Body Therapies

  • Pregnancy Safe
  • Not Available at Yallingup Spa
Dissolve tension and restore a sense of serenity with our nurturing body therapies. Created to recondition skin, detoxify and invigorate, and nurture mind and body. Using the finest botanical formulations, revitalising body scrubs and nurturing body wraps, for detoxification, skin that is supple and toned and complete relaxation. Read More

Invigorate the body and alleviate fatigue with this full body exfoliation ritual. Aromatic oils are massaged into the skin followed by a revitalising mineral-rich Himalayan salt scrub. A warm shower, followed by a hydrating application of body lotion softens skin for visible tone and radiance.

Rejuvenate skin tone and soothe the senses with this full body Sodashi exfoliation. Warm botanical oils are massaged into the skin followed by a vanilla and sandalwood exfoliant to buff away dry skin and melt away tension. A warm shower followed by a hydrating application of antioxidant-rich vanilla body cream deeply nourishes to leave skin glowing. Safe for mothers-to-be.

Anti-cellulite and detoxifying, this holistic therapy starts with a lymphatic boosting full-body salt scrub is followed by a warm marine mineral-rich clay mask to nurture and flush the body of accumulated toxins, whilst you enjoy a soothing scalp massage for complete relaxation. After a refreshing shower, a hydrating application of luxurious body lotion, leaves skin toned, contoured and lustrous.

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