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Discover our luxurious range of spa therapies to nurture mind, body and soul.


  • Pregnancy Safe
  • Not Available at Yallingup Spa
We seek to inspire an appreciation for greater health and wellbeing, with an offering of holistic, natural therapies in tranquil surrounds to allow you to slow down and reconnect to yourself. Read More


This blissful journey begins with a rejuvenating 30 min back massage to melt away stress and fatigue.

A luxurious 60 min Hydrate Renewal Facial then follows, with added 20 min Gua Sha facial massage. This nurturing and hydrating Sodashi facial deeply nourishes and revitalises skin on a cellular level, for skin health and radiance. With aromatic facial compresses and luxury facial massage, it is tailored to your skin’s needs to hydrate, firm, revitalise and renew. Suitable for all skin types.

Available until 30 November 2023. Safe for mums-to-be.

Deeply meditative, this unique energy therapy brings balance and harmony to the body’s main chakra system for a profound sense of wellbeing. A fluid combination of massage, Sodashi chakra aromatherapy blends, reiki and crystal placement, it works subtly on the energetic body, leaving you feeling grounded and calm, yet invigorated.