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Discover our luxurious range of holistic spa therapies to nurture mind, body and soul.

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  • Pregnancy Safe
  • Not Available at Yallingup Spa
Combining our most loved therapies, BODHI’s spa journeys provide blissful, sensory experiences, restoring connection to self. Delivered mindfully, by expert therapists, with love and intention, they tap into a range of healing modalities, some inspired by ancient Indigenous traditions. Read More

BODHI Head Massage + Hydrate Renewal Facial
This nurturing journey begins with a head massage to alleviate fatigue and relieve tension. Using ancient healing techniques and pressure points it melts away stress, balances the upper chakras and brings about a profound sense of wellbeing. A luxurious Sodashi scalp mud then deeply nourishes and conditions hair and scalp, leaving hair silky and shiny.

A illuminating and hydrating Sodashi facial follows, to deeply nourish and revitalise on a cellular level for skin radiance. With aromatic facial compresses and extended facial massage using the purest botanicals, it is tailored to your exact skin’s needs to hydrate, firm, revitalise and renew.

Available until 31 August 2023.

10am - 2pm | Sunday 28 May 2023 | The Westin Perth

Come back to yourself. This multi-sensory 4-hour wellbeing journey combines movement, an immersive sound-bath & cacao experience, and a nourishing lunch, to create a soothing space for deep rest, grounding, and renewal, as well as connection to self and others.

Only 30 tickets available.


Heart Chakra Yin Yoga (45min)
Soundbath & Heart Opening Cacao Ceremony (90min)
Crafted at Westin Cocktail Tasting
Nourishing Grazing Buffet Lunch
BODHI Wellness Gift Pack

Indulge in a glass of champagne, fresh fruit and chocolate as you unwind in a spa, bath, steam room or sauna, followed by a luxurious BODHI Relax Massage with botanical oils to melt away tension and restore inner calm.

BODHI Kodo Pregnancy Massage + Instant Glow Facial

A luxurious and nurturing ritual for mums-to-be. Enjoy a luxurious full body BODHI Kodo Pregnancy Massage, followed by vitamin-rich Sodashi Instant Glow Facial for skin vitality radiance.

Tension Release Massage + BODHI Man Facial
Revitalise and alleviate fatigue with this ritual for face and body. A journey of complete relaxation, a Bodhi Tension Release Massage melts away deep-seated tension, followed by a vitamin-rich facial to deeply hydrate and nourish the skin for a visibly brighter, smoother complexion.

Steam/Infra-Red Sauna + Full Body Scrub + Tension Release Massage
This journey of complete relaxation starts with a detoxifying steam or infra-red sauna. A Bodhi Salt Scrub follows to energise and invigorate, followed by a Bodhi Tension Release Massage with warm nourishing botanical oils to melt away stress, fatigue and deep-seated tension.

Full Body Massage + Luxury Illuminating Facial

This holistic, opulent body and facial ritual delivers incredible skin radiance whilst it melts away stress, tension and fatigue. Deeply calming, an acupressure full-body massage with healing Oud soothes the nervous system and releases emotional blockages, invoking a deep sense of strength and peace. An illuminating facial, tailored to your exact skin’s needs, deeply nourishes and revitalises on a cellular level, for a radiant, healthy complexion.

BODHI Kodo Pregnancy Massage + Instant Glow Facial with Gua Sha Massage + Soothing Mint Foot Therapy
A nurturing ritual for mums-to-be. Enjoy a full body BODHI Kodo Pregnancy Massage to calm, soothe and relieve aches and pains, followed by a vitamin-rich Sodashi Instant Glow Facial with gua sha facial massage for skin vitality and radiance. Complete your ritual with a soothing and refreshing mint foot therapy.

BODHI Relax Massage + Hydrate Renewal Facial + Scalp Massage and Hair Treatment.

This nourishing ritual begins with a BODHI Relax Massage with calming aromatherapy oils, followed by a brightening Sodashi Hydrate Renewal Facial for complete skin radiance. A deeply soothing scalp massage and clay mask follow, to nourish and condition, leaving you with silky soft, manageable hair.

Full-body Exfoliation + Mineral Body Wrap + Scalp Massage + BODHI Kodo Massage

Unwind and renew with this sensory and restorative body ritual. After an invigorating exfoliation with Australian salts and warm botanical oils, you will be cocooned in a silky layer of warm mineral-rich mud. A nurturing scalp massage allows you to drift away, followed by a grounding rhythmic full-body massage, inspired by Indigenous healing.

Full-body Exfoliation + Lymphatic Drainage Massage + Hydrate Renewal Facial

Invigorate the whole being. An energising citrus and Himalayan full-body salt scrub softens and tones skin, followed by a detoxifying Lymphatic Drainage Massage with warm botanical oils to dissolve stress, fatigue and tension. A Hydrate Renewal Facial is then tailored to your skin, to deeply hydrate and nourish for ultimate skin health and radiance.

Steam/Bath/Spa/Infrared Sauna + Vanilla Bliss Scrub & Wrap + BODHI Relax Massage + BODHI Brightening Facial + Scalp Massage and Hair Treatment + Soothing Mint Foot Therapy
Begin this wellbeing ritual with a steam, infrared sauna, bath or spa, followed by a luxurious full-body Vanilla Bliss Scrub and Wrap. A 60min BODHI Relax Massage with warm botanical oils then melts away stress, tension and fatigue. Then enjoy a signature BODHI Brightening Facial customised to your exact skin's needs, to deeply nourish and hydrate for ultimate radiance.

A Scalp Massage and Hair Treatment, brings about a profound feeling of wellbeing, and leaves hair silky and soft. Finish with a soothing and refreshing mint foot therapy.

A collection of six nurturing therapies to revitalise the whole being.

This blissful and restorative spa journey, inspired by Indigenous healing, reconnects body, mind and soul. It seamlessly combines six holistic treatments to revitalise from head to toe. Enjoy nurturing foot and hand therapies, a luxurious mineral-rich body wrap, a full-body rhythmic Kodo massage, a soothing head massage and a nourishing MUKTI Organics facial, for ultimate relaxation.